Casselton Congregation Says Goodbye To Old Martin’s Lutheran Church Building After Over 80 Years Of Service

The new church will have an open house on July 8 from 6-8 and hold it's first worship service on July 12 at 9:30 a.m.

CASSELTON, N.D. — Outside the Martin’s Lutheran Church, people are walking in to take their seat for one final service.

As this congregation of hundreds are saying their final prayers for this old church building that’s been around for decades.

“Both my children were baptized here, both were confirmed here it’s just those memories and fortunately we are able to take those memories with us,” church member Kristen Hackmann said.

That’s because the church will be moving locations down the road to a new building to help provide for the increasing number of people.

But not everything will be replaced, as the church will be transporting the stained glass windows crafted in the 1940’s, the pulpit , the baptismal and even the altar table will be restored and brought along with.

“So it’s a new combination remembering our past that supports our moving forward into the future,” Pastor Michael Jacobson said.

Pastor Jacobson says he understands the challenges of letting go of a piece of not only history but countless memories for the congregation.

“Talking with some you know there celebrating this place is gone, but they are also embracing the fact that this was our history and how many we have celebrated their life with funerals and deaths,” ┬áJacobson said.

Church goers say it’s not about the building that defines their faith and sense of community, it’s about the people.

“We have met a lot of people over our 25 years with this congregation and many are still good friends today,” Hackmann said.

As the final words were spoken inside the sanctuary, the congregation gave it’s final goodbye outside the church with the Lord’s Prayer.

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