Community Members Discuss How They Came Together To Search For Wheaton Man

Donnelly says things like this don't happen in small towns like Wheaton.

WHEATON, Minn.- Monday afternoon, a man’s body was discovered in the Mustinka River northeast of Wheaton 19 days after Terry McCoy went missing.

Terry McCoy’s daughter Carrie McCoy says the support from the Wheaton community has been overwhelming.

“She’s greatly appreciating the public and the community support and she’s also stated how appreciative she is of what we’re doing and the updates that we give her,” says Traverse County Sheriff, Trevor J. Wright.

Drew Donnelly has lived in Wheaton for more than a decade.

Although he didn’t know McCoy personally, in the community Terry was known for being nothing but a kind soul.

“Nobody had anything ever bad to say about Terry. He was a well liked person,” says Drew G. Donnelly, a local from Wheaton.

Donnelly says things like this don’t happen in small towns like Wheaton.

“This is a very odd, uncomfortable feeling not knowing what happened in the disappearance of a person in a small town like this, stuff just doesn’t happen. It’s very disconnecting and we’re very worried about it,” Donelly says.

But for him, seeing how the whole community has come together just shows him how even in the worst of times, everybody will have each others’ back.

“This community as most communities are very tight knit, look out for each other even if we don’t know each other, that well, you see people on the street, you wanna help them. It’s why Wheaton is such a great place to live and it’s probably why Terry came to live here with us,” Donelly adds.

The body was sent for an autopsy and results are expected to be known sometime this week.

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