OneFargo Says It Has Evidence Contradicting Statements Made During Osmundson investigation

The group says this contradicts statements made by Todd that Osumundson worked alone and they didn't talk much about his actions that day.

FARGO, N.D. — One Fargo released text messages they say come from an open records request involving Fargo Police.

They say multiple text conversations were made between Osmundson and Chief David Todd.

The group says this contradicts statements made by Todd that Osmundson worked alone and they didn’t talk much about his actions that day.

“They knew the entire time, they did not discourage it, they did not tell him to go home, they did not call him to say what are you doing, get out of here, they took the information and they worked with it,” Wess Philome said.

The case was dismissed because Todd said on June 29th “others engaging in similar conduct in plain view was also not investigated.”

The group also wants a new investigation started over a claim that 19-year-old Larry Pope was illegally stopped, searched and harassed by law enforcement on June 23rd in Fargo.

Pope says he was leaving his girlfriend’s apartment when four officers stopped him.

He claims police demanded to search his string backpack because he looked suspicious.

Pope says due to the high stress and his epilepsy, his medical battery in his chest began ticking, and he had to lie down.

“And I asked them again why did you guys do this and they said I looked suspicious because only thugs wear string bags,” Pope said.

One Fargo says the group put in a request for the officers’ names and the incidents, but the department said it needed more time to investigate.

“We need them to give us something and they need to give it soon we don’t plan to wait and if we have to march and protest for answers. Then that’s exactly what we will do,” Philome said.

Fargo Police says in a statement the investigation into Pope’s claims is active and it is not appropriate to comment on them because the investigation is not complete.

The department adds it takes all complaints seriously and will hold its officers accountable should they be found in wrong doing.

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