WATCH LIVE: Supreme Court expected to rule on Trump’s tax records

The Supreme Court will make its ruling at 9 a.m.

UPDATE: The Supreme Court has kept a hold on President Donald Trump’s financial records that Congress has been seeking for more than a year.

The ruling returns the case to lower courts, with no clear prospect for when the case might ultimately be resolved.

The 7-2 outcome is at least a short-term victory for Trump, who has strenuously sought to keep his financial records private.

The decision came shortly after the court upheld a prosecutor’s demand for Trump’s tax returns as part of a criminal investigation that includes hush-money payments to women who claim they had affairs with Trump.


WASHINGTON (AP)–The Supreme Court is expected to rule Thursday on whether Congress and the Manhattan district attorney can see President Donald Trump’s taxes and other financial records the president has fought hard to keep private.

The high-stakes dispute tests the balance of power between the White House and Congress, as well as Trump’s claim he can’t be investigated while in office.

It’s unclear, even if Trump loses, how much of the material would become public.

Trump has so far lost at every step, but the records have not been turned over pending a final court ruling.

The court’s other outstanding case is a dispute over land in eastern Oklahoma.

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