Active Shooter Training Held At Hector International Airport

FARGO, N.D. — Hector International Airport is the site of an active shooter training exercise.

Fargo Police helped out with the event by providing training as well as an officer to roleplay the active shooter.

The event was meant to serve as a training tool to introduce airport employees to the concepts needed to survive an active shooter event.

Police calling those concepts “Run, Hide, or Fight”.

The roleplaying officer used blank ammunition to simulate what a real active shooter might sound and look like.

“I think it got a really good sense in everyone’s mind here that was participating in terms of thinking through the scenario if it were to happen in the future on what they might do, and alleviate some of the concerns,” said Shawn Dobberstein, Executive Director of the Fargo Airport Authority.

The training involved everyone from TSA agents to the workers at the check in counter.

It was held in between flights so it wouldn’t disturb daily operations.

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