Twist to close temporarily due to liquor license mishap

Twist says it will reopen on Tuesday, September 8.
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FARGO, N.D.–Twist will be closing its doors temporarily starting Sunday, August 9.

The cocktail bar made a Facebook post announcing the news saying they “got themselves into a bit of hot water with the city.”

According to the post, Twist was only able to make 48 percent of its total sales in food, which is two percent less than it is required to per its liquor license.

Twist says it will reopen on Tuesday, September 8 with a new food menu, new cocktails, more wine selections and a second remodeled bathroom.

You can read the full Facebook post below:


So here’s the deal folks. Despite our best efforts, we just can’t get you guys to consume as much food as you do alcohol, and we got ourselves into a bit of hot water with the city. Because our food sales were only 48% of our total sales, instead of 50% where they need to be, we have to be put in “time out” for a little bit. Yea, we know, it’s hard to spend 50/50 on food/alcohol when a burger is $12 and your Whistle Pig “Boss Hog” on the rocks is $75, but it is what it is. We had the option to defer our penance for a few months, but it just makes more sense to get it out of the way now. Saturday night will be our last day of operation until we reopen on Tuesday September 8. You can expect a fresh new food menu, all new cocktails, more interesting wines, a second remodeled bathroom, and whatever else we can come up with in the meantime. Come dine with us this weekend (and maybe have a drink or two) and send us out in style. We will sure miss you guys for a few weeks, but we got through it in March and April, we can get through it again!

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