LIVE: Spreading Sunshine With Addie’s Royal Cupcake Stand

Find Out What's New For This Year's Stand During COVID-19


A pandemic isn’t keeping a determined young woman with a big heart from helping kids live out their dreams.

Addie’s 8th annual Royal Cupcake Stand is still on. This year’s stand is Tuesday, August 11th.
Money raised goes to the Sunshine Foundation, which helps sick kids live out their dream experiences.
You’ll still be able to get your cupcakes and say hi to a pack of princesses and costumed villains.
Due to the pandemic, they turned this year’s cupcake stand into a drive-thru event.

Addie’s mother, Marisa, says, “Addie had a fantastic idea to have a drive-thru cupcake stand. So it’ll be the same cupcakes that people love, princesses and villains, but you’ll get a chance to stay in your car, get your cupcakes then drive around the parking lot to wave and greet everybody.”

The cupcake stand runs from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Probstfield Center for Education in Moorhead.

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