El Zagal Shrine Circus partners with KVRR, local police departments for bike giveaway

The Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead police departments each received 12 bikes to give to deserving kids in their communities.

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Every year, the El Zagal Shrine Circus gives away hundreds of bikes to kids for free with the help from sponsors.

The Circus was cancelled this year due to COVID-19, but El Zagal Shrine made sure deserving kids still got their new ride.

“The sponsors came back and said ‘We sponsor these bikes and we really want them to go to kids’ and we said ‘That is great because we really like handing them off to the kids,'” said El Zagal Shrine Circus Chairman Dan Beach. “We talked to the sponsors and we thought let’s do some kind of giveaway.”

In partnership with KVRR, El Zagal Shrine donated 12 bikes each to the Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead police departments.

The departments were more than happy to be a part of the giveaways.

“Anytime we can partner up with anybody to do something for the children in our community, it is a win-win for everybody,” said West Fargo Police Interim Chief Jerry Boyer.

West Fargo decided to have a coloring contest to pick the 12 kids in their city to take home a bike. The winners were able pick up their rides at the police department and get to meet some of West Fargo’s finest.

In Fargo, the police department used their informal mentor program to identify 12 kids in need. School resource officers then personally delivered the gift to each child.

“We are very purposeful in trying to engage with as many community members as possible so that we can really build trust and find out what is on the heart of our community members,” said Fargo Police’s Sgt. Cristie Jacobsen. “Just meeting the needs of our kids is a great way to be able to accomplish that.”

Bikes are something that hold a special place in a kid’s heart. Both the police and Shriners feel grateful they are able to give these youth something to smile about.

“Every kid loves to have his own bike with the freedom it gives you,” said Jacobsen. “Right now, with so many things not being open and available just to get out and about, to have that little sense of freedom for a kid, it’s a huge thing.”

“They are all so happy,” said Beach. “The joy that can be provided from simply donating a bike to somebody that really wants one was really spectacular.”

Moorhead will be giving away their bikes to deserving kids at a later date.

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