Social Distancing: Spuddy Pizza

I couldn't resist


One of my favorite things to come out of social distancing was the Minnesota State High School League Nickname Challenge. It was a great way to still show off local pride while high school sports have been largely cancelled.
Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

The Moorhead Spuds won the tournament. There’s the winning logo!
The competition really did capture people’s attention around the state.
In fact, a pizzeria called Pizza Barn in Princeton, Minnesota, 200 miles from Moorhead, made pizzas to honor the Spuds and the runner up Blooming Prairie Awesome Blossoms.
A group from Moorhead went and picked a bunch of them up last week. Mind you, they made a 400 mile round trip for potato pizzas.

That’s the combination of local pride and a little ridiculousness that I find irresistible, so I ordered some. And dear viewer, let me tell you, it is satisfying to eat a pizza inspired by Spuds. The pizza was great, even though my food photography skills are nowhere ready for Instagram yet.
I especially dug the sour cream they provided to top the tater pizza with.

Are you getting freaky in the kitchen during social distancing? Let us know!
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