Non-profit announces lawsuit to remove Measure 3 from November Ballot

BISMARCK, N.D. – North Dakota non-profit Brighter Future Alliance is suing to remove Measure 3 from the November ballot.

Measure 3 proposes amending North Dakota’s constitution to remove the state legislature’s control over redistricting and instead shift the responsibility to the North Dakota Ethics commission.

It also would establish statewide ranked-choice voting, require paper record and audits for ballots, and ensure ballots are sent to military and overseas voters at least 61 days before an election.

The alliance claims that petitioners presented only some parts of the measure, not the full measure as required by North Dakota state law.

“It’s poorly drafted, their are a lot of problems that effect the people of North Dakota, the voters, and because they broke the law, the voters of North Dakota haven’t been informed of all of the parts of this measure,” said Lacee Anderson, A spokesperson for the Brighter Future Alliance.

Opponents say petitioners didn’t have the statute circulated with the petition which broke a law established by the North Dakota Supreme Court in 1924.

The court will have to make a decision before the end of the month on if the measure will remain on the ballot or be removed.


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