Cass County Finance Office preparing for in-person voting

Two of the six voting sites are in West Fargo and Casselton.

FARGO, N.D.–The Cass County Finance Office is hoping to resume in-person voting for the upcoming general election.

The Finance Office has identified six voting sites out of the usual 38 to hold in-person voting at. The six sites were chosen due to their ability to accommodate high voter turnout while remaining socially distant.

Two of the six sites are in West Fargo and Casselton.

The Finance Office intends to request approval of the six sites on Monday as well as request early voting dates.

Voters who wish to receive an absentee ballot are encouraged to request one as soon as possible to account for a high request volume.

Jodi Meisch, North Dakota District 22 House candidate, said, “The Finance Office’s swift adaptability in delivering an election that ensures all voters feel safe and secure in their preferred voting method during this time of public health concern is greatly appreciated. The unique challenge with this election is the uncertainties COVID-19 creates and the looming question of if or when an outbreak will lead to a second round of closures. I am encouraging all voters, even those who plan to cast their vote in person, to request an absentee ballot, sooner than later to prevent backlogs, as a simple back-up option in the event physical polling sites are forced to close. One way or another, I want your vote to count.”

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