Committee recommends David Zibolski become next Fargo Police Chief

Zibolski has served as Beloit, Wisconsin's Chief of Police since 2016

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Police Chief Selection Committee recommends Beloit, Wisconsin Police Chief David Zibolski succeed David Todd.

“I have the great honor to introduce you to David Zibolski. He is our conditional candidate for police chief,” said Mayor Tim Mahoney, welcoming Zibolski as the preferred candidate.

As the nation grapples with what policing should look like, local advocacy groups say the city of Fargo has a real opportunity for change, and it starts at the top.

“This police chief is going to have the opportunity to have a clean slate and start anew and have a fresh day in Fargo,” said ACLU of North Dakota Advocacy Director Dane DeKrey. “And so, I’m just really excited for that opportunity, but I’m also mindful that these folks need to make good on what they say they’re going to do, particularly for our Black communities.”

In a 90-day action plan outlining the steps he’d take when and if he becomes chief, Zibolski says meeting with his staff and community leaders is a priority.

“This, because of the urgency, is a situation that needs to be scheduled and done right away,” he explained. “I will be meeting with Faith Dixon and Wess Philome and folks from those two groups to discuss some of the issues and start to establish a relationship.”

In the name of transparency between law enforcement and the community, Zibolski is also advocating for the department to begin using body cameras.

“In terms of community transparency and benefits to the officers, it’s a huge technology need,” he said.

The decision to recommend Zibolski to the City Commission comes after a jam-packed day of presentations and interviews with all three candidates, including former Newport News, Virginia Assistant Police Chief Stacy Kelly and former Chicago Police Department supervisor John Franklin.

They were each asked the same 11 interview questions, ranging from topics like handling protests and riots to improving morale at the department.

The candidates were also asked to participate in a mock news conference, where KVRR’s TJ Nelson was one of four journalists selected to ask questions and assess how the candidates handle speaking to the media.

It’s unclear when exactly Zibolski would take over if officially approved, but city officials say they hope within the next few months.

The Fargo City Commission will vote on possibly making Zibolski Fargo’s next police chief at its meeting on Monday.

Find a full live stream of the interview process by clicking here.

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