White House’s Dr. Birx Visits North Dakota

Dr. Birx visited with local leaders to discuss the state's coronavirus response.

FARGO, ND – White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx was in Fargo today to participate in discussions about the states coronavirus response with state leadership, as well as the mayors of Fargo, Grand Forks, and Bismarck.

She praised the states commitment to testing, as well as the Governors Vulnerable Population Protection Plan.

Both Dr. Birx and the governor echoed a call for masks to be worn after a stop at a Fargo diner showed that none of the staff or customers were wearing masks.

“We have a way forward, we have a way to protect one another. It’s really a message of hope combined with common sense ways while we wait to have an effective vaccine,” said Dr. Birx.

“As the President himself has said, ‘This is a patriotic thing to do.’ I agree. It’s the way we’re going to get our economy going, it’s the way we save lives, it’s the way we help our communities, and it’s the way we get Bison football back,” said Governor Burgum.

Dr. Birx said that new tests that require no specialized equipment are being made available to the governor to help with rural testing.

She also praised the testing capabilities of North Dakota universities and said that those tests will be key moving forward to prevent further deaths.

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