A Veteran Gives A Lending Hand To A Comrade In Need Of Help

She's in need of a car to get to medical appointments.

FARGO, N.D. –  A West Fargo veteran helps start a GoFundMe account to raise money for a disabled Fargo veteran.

“I felt alone in my battles. He was the closest bud I had that understood what I was going through,” Army Veteran Ayleah Peasley-Evitt said.

In a place of hopelessness, Peasley-Evitt was able to find hope through Greg Akason.

“Very emotional and very comforting to know that people care,” Peasley-Evitt said/

The pair became close in 2018 when they were in therapy at the Fargo VA Hospital due to sexual abuse trauma.

“We kind of tried to get Ayleah to open up a little bit. Won’t you agree Ayleah?” Army Veteran Greg Akason said.

“Yes,” Peasley-Evitt said.

“We got to open up and I thought it was somewhere that I could help, so I tried helping,” Akason said.

Last year, Peasley-Evitt’s car started having troubles and she ended up having to get rid of her only means of transportation. Since then, she has been walking miles through snow and heat to get to the medical appointments that help with her mental and physical issues.

“Definitely it’s a downer and I have a lot of negative self thought when it comes to motivation now,” Peasley-Evitt said.

A couple of weeks ago when she was at her breaking point she immediately knew who to reach out to for help.

“When you feel alone, utterly alone, it doesn’t feel good at all, but then when you get a bunch of people that care, it’s a booster, an energy booster and gives you the confidence to do what you need to do.” Peasley-Evitt  said.

“Whenever she calls I just make it a point to help out driving,” Akason said.

Akason wanted to make sure that Peasley-Evitt would no longer have to rely on anyone but herself.

“I said ‘Hey, we should start this GoFundMe page to help get this jumpstarted,'” Akason said.

For Peasley-Evitt, it’s one less hurdle that she has to face as she continues to focus on health mental and physical well being.

“It would mean so much to me. It would mean just the world to me and I don’t know how else to explain it,” Peasley-Evitt said.

Click here to donate to Ayleah Peasley-Evitt’s’s GoFundMe.

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