LIVE: Winemaker Says No Need To Fear Change To MN Wines

Judge Rules MN Wineries Don't Have To Use 51% Minnesota Grapes In Wines Anymore


One local winemaker does not think a new court ruling will change what’s in your bottle of Minnesota wine too much.

A federal judge struck down a law requiring Minnesota wine to be made with at least 51 percent Minnesota Grapes.
Penny Aguirre with Richwood Winery in Callaway, Minnesota supports the rule change.
She says wineries could run into situations where the grape harvest isn’t as big as anticipated, or expanding wineries could make Minnesota grapes tougher to find.
But she says local winemakers have developed a taste with local grapes, and she says you probably won’t see many out of state grapes infiltrate Minnesota wine.

She adds, “Personally, I have eight or nine wines. One is a 50% blend with California grapes. One is 100% California, and the rest of my wines are grapes from Minnesota, and it wouldn’t really change for me and I don’t think you’re gonna see a huge impact as a consumer.”

Richwood Winery is hosting a grape stomp event this Saturday, September 12th, with a limited number of tickets available due to social distancing. Click here for more information.


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