Man pulls gun on Fargo Police officer

FARGO, ND — At 1:09 a.m. this morning, an officer on patrol in the area of 13 Avenue and South University Drive saw a vehicle driven by a person who was suspended and had a warrant for their arrest out of West Fargo.

The officer stopped the car in the 1400 block of Oak Manor Avenue South.

The open warrant was confirmed and officers told the driver, identified as Shawn Ray Larkin, 38 years old of Fargo, he was under arrest for the warrant.

Larkin wanted to stop at his apartment first before going to jail.

He started walking away from officers.

At this time officers told him no and attempted to stop him.

Larkin resisted arrest and a physical altercation ensued.

The struggle caused officers to take Larkin to the ground in an effort to gain control over him.

Officers had Larkin’s left arm, but his right arm was underneath him.

Officers ordered Larkin to give up his right arm.

Larkin brought his right arm out from underneath him, holding a loaded .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun and pointed the handgun directly into one of the officer’s face with his finger on the trigger.

The officer immediately grabbed the handgun and ripped it out of Larkin’s hand.

Larkin was also in possession of two loaded magazines for the handgun.

Larkin also had a fixed blade knife around his neck. No firearms were discharged and there were no injuries.

Larkin was arrested for Terrorizing, Preventing Arrest (x2), Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Felony in Possessing of a Firearm, Possession of Methamphetamine, and an open warrant.

According to Fargo Police, this morning’s traffic stop is an example of how something as simple as a traffic stop for an investigation of a driver driving under suspension and a local warrant can quickly escalate into a deadly situation.

“We train our officers often, and every single month we are training on something, whether it’s defensive tactics or firearms training, and this is something that is routinely done over the year because ultimately our goal is to render that situation safe with the least amount of force necessary,” Fargo Police Public Information Officer Jessica Schindeldecker said.

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