Ride To Support Suicide Awareness Is Hoping To Remove Stigma

According to the AFSP, there are 132 suicides everyday in the U.S.

HARWOOD, N.D.- The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention hosts its annual ride to support mental health awareness and support for loss survivors.

“We need to be voices for those struggling to use their voice,” said volunteer Catrina Gullickson.

Catrina Gullickson lost her daughter Meghan to suicide eight years ago.

“She was fun and bubbly. She had a smile from ear to ear. She was kind and considerate to everyone she met and she was always willing to help others,” Gullickson said.

Meghan’s sister Shelby Larson lost her best friend.

“We were actually pretty close. I’d always call her and ask her for different advice you know? Hey what do I do here? What should I do there? You know, can you help me? Can we just hang out,” Volunteer Shelby Larson said.

Larson says her sister was really good at covering up her feelings.

Which made noticing the signs a little bit harder.

“How did we not see it? You know, what were the signs?” Larson said.

Guilt is a common sentiment shared by many families who have lost a loved one by suicide.

The Ride to fight suicide is aiming to do just that.

Combat suicide by breaking through the stigma by riding 150 miles from Harwood to Horace.

Through rain and making a few stops on the way.

“We try to raise awareness for those people, you know, that there is help out there, that you’re not alone,” Larson said.

For them, it’s all starts with having open dialogues.

“People need to know that it is okay to be sad and to cry. Those are natural emotions that take place and that we can build on those conversations,” Gullickson adds.

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