Barnesville Booster Club Continues To Make A Difference

The non profit organization helps organizations all across Barnesville, MN; especially one

BARNESVILLE, MN – One non profit has been a staple in Barnesville since the 1980s: The Barnesville Booster Club, has raised over a million dollars for different projects across town since its formation.

“We raise money in the american legion and pool hall,” said club President Chad Holland. “We do a variety of fundraisers to give back to the community.”

“They give back to the libraries, they give back to athletic teams, they give back to everything that asks for it,” said Barnesville High Principal Bryan Strand.

They build up funds through a variety of events over the calendar year.

Our membership drives, we have burger stands, we sell burgers before football games at the car shows main street has and then our charitable gaming and a couple of traveling basketball tournaments,” said Holland.

The booster club does a lot for the community at large but more specifically, Barnesville High. And thanks to this shed which they donated back in 2006, they’re able to keep an array of athletic supplies and equipment on hand for use at any time.

“Our first big project was the athletic complex, the football field and track,” Holland said.

Since then, the organization has served as a support arm for the school, assisting them with whatever they can’t get through fundraising. To this day, the area they help the most hasn’t changed.

“In the athletics,” said Strand. “I know they just paid for a shoot-away machine for our basketball teams.”

The club typically meets once a month with coaches to assess who needs what.

“You know, it’s just come together, the coaches talk about their sports, showcase their sports, and if something comes up that’s a bigger need that you can’t fundraiser for, the Booster Club steps in and helps out,” said Strand.

Helping out is the name of their game, and one they’re thankful they can do.

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