Vikings Lose First Game of Season In A Fan-Free U.S. Bank Stadium


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — It’s the first Sunday of the NFL season and U.S. Bank Stadium looked and had a completely different feel.

KVRR was at the game to find out how Vikings players feel about playing a game in front of no fans.

Usually 73,00 Minnesota Vikings fans echo U.S. Bank stadium with the Skol Chant, however, week one presented the first look at how a game would be like with no fans in the stands.

This was the second time the Vikings saw how this type of environment would be like, coming to U.S. Bank on August 28th for a to quarter scrimmage.

Crowd noise was pumped in at 70 decibels, however, battling from a deficit, the Vikings are looking to adapt going forward with energy being harder to create.

“It really seemed like you know when the fans are in the stadium and you’re not playing very good and its quiet It’s kind of how it was today all game,” said head coach Mike Zimmer.

“I don’t think that had anything to really do with it, it’s just that the energy level was just not the same.

“It feels like when you’re losing a game and it feels like that the whole game,” said wide receiver Adam Thielen.

“It just is a really weird feeling but again there is no excuses because the other team is dealing with the exact same thing. There’s just no excitement and there’s just no energy from an outside source.

It was one of two games that the Vikings plan to host with no fans.

The next comes in two weeks time in week three against the Tennessee Titans.

The Vikings lost the first game to the Green Bay Packers 43-34.

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