Local Fargo Firefighters Give Update From West Coast Wildfires

OREGON — Wildfires are continuing to devastate the West Coast and local firefighters from the Fargo Fire Department are lending a hand in the fight.

“When the tones drop for a call, we drop whatever we’re doing and we go on that call,” said Fargo Fire Battalion Chief Dane Carley.

Fargo firefighters are working hard on projects in California and Oregon.

They are protecting national monuments, setting up portable sprinkler systems, and stopping fires from destroying homes.

The firefighters start their days at 5:15 AM, and work 14-16 hours a day.

Carley says everyday is a different job.

“We did some structural damage repair in the form of making sure the line around the road they were using to stop the fire was solid and there wasn’t going to be any fire that came across that line  in the form of logs rolling across the road that were burning.”

“We’re resting well at night. They’re feeding us great. They always say if you keep a firefighter fed, he’ll keep working happy. There’s some truth to that.”

“People are happy to see us here… There was a girl who came by, and her mom was with her. Some firefighters just saved their house. We weren’t there yet, but she wanted to thank a firefighter. She had drawn a picture, she had colored in a picture. So, she stopped by the engine and dropped it off.”

Firefighters don’t have much cell phone service where they’re stationed, but they know they have support from back home.

“It feels good to know that people are paying attention and trying to follow our story.”

The firefighters are set to return home the first week of October.

The firefighters from Fargo are joined on the West Coast by others from Grand Forks, Williston, Minot and across Minnesota.


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