ND’s new Covid-19 plans include re-prioritizing nurses & a new test

High-speed testing and new developments to better care for health-care workers and those in long-term facilities

NORTH DAKOTA – With case numbers still on the rise, Governor Doug Burgum is moving 12 counties into a higher risk level and lowering three others.

He says the state is coming up with new ways of handling COVID-19.

Burgum’s plans for nurses and high-speed testing are some of the ways he’s hoping the state can better control the corona virus pandemic.

About 200 nurses are being re-prioritized out of testing sites and heading back to hospitals. EMT’s will replace them at testing sites.

North Dakota will also be receiving a new type of COVID-19 test. It costs $5, requires no lab and takes 15 minutes to give high-accuracy results. The governor is putting a team together to decide how to best use the new tests.

Long-term care facilities and essential workers are being prioritized for fast results for COVID-19.

“The recent surge in cases in some of our long-term care facilities is really a reflection of increased community spread. If we can reduce the transmissible moments in the community, that protects health care workers, that protects us from getting COVID in the facility,” Burgum explained.

Burgum says the Department of Health is putting close contacts of those with COVID-19 in the same category as household members. This means a two week quarantine past the last contact will be mandatory for close contacts. The governor says around 1/3 of close contacts are contracting COVID-19.

Click here for more information from the North Dakota Department of Health on these changes.

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