Social Distancing: New Music From Moorhead Native Getting Love From ‘Rolling Stone’

"Softee" Musician Nina Grollman Is Also A Broadway Star


A lot of us have more time at home, and there’s been a ton of talk about different shows and movies that are coming out to keep us occupied during the pandemic. But how about music? There’s a new song out by a Moorhead native that I’m absolutely in love with this morning.

It’s “Crush” by Softee, otherwise known as Moorhead native Nina Grollman.
And it’s getting some love from Rolling Stone as a “song you need to know”.
Grollman isn’t just a musician. She appeared on stage here in the Metro before she graduated from Moorhead High in 2013. Then she went to Julliard. We celebrated her last year when she took over the role of Scout in “To Kill a Mockingbird” on Broadway.
She’s been in a couple Broadway plays, but I can’t tell what she’s better at, acting or music.
I think this song is amazing. It’s synth-pop, but it’s super melancholy, which is a fascinating contrast to me.
The song is about lost love, and who can’t relate.
It really feels like a fitting song as we shift into fall, and it feels especially like a song that fits into 2020.
Plus I love the funky video. Rolling Stone says it’s made with clips found on the internet mixed with Chinese karaoke videos found on a used camera.
Click here to watch the whole video.
“Crush” is a track for Softee’s album, “Keep On”, which Rolling Stone says will be out October 2nd.

You know, KVRR actually interviewed Grollman waaaaaaay back in August of 2006.
She was a student at the Fargo Film Camp where kids wrote, produced and starred in their own movies.
Clearly, she’s been on the track to stardom for a while.

What are you listening to as we dip into the fall season? I’d love some recommendations.
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