Locals Call The First Presidential Debate Chaotic And Aggressive

The next Presidential debate will be on October 15.

FARGO-MOORHEAD – Many in North Dakota and Minnesota tuned in with millions of other Americans to watch the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Do you have any idea what this clown is doing?” Former Vice President Joe Biden said.

The candidates went head-to-head in a debate many are describing as chaotic. Some took an aim at Trump and his hostile behavior through the 90 minute war of words.

“Radical left,” President Donald Trump said.

“Will you shut up man?” Biden said.

“He decided a way to shake things up would be to dominate the event in terms of just constantly talking and bringing out his points. Countering everything he didn’t like as much as possible,” Minnesota State University Moorhead Political Science Professor Dr. Barbara Headrick said.

“Instead of trying to smear Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, you know, blame it on people that were part of this years ago. This is his America. He should’ve stand up and done something about it,” Levi Brown of Fargo said.

“I think he was a little bit more aggressive than I would’ve liked him to be, but that’s his nature,” Eugene Nicholas of Fargo said.

“As far as answering the questions and being somewhat specific, I think Trump did a good job of answering the questions,” Nicholas added.

Some felt Trump’s behavior prevented Biden from getting a chance to get some of his points across.

“Joe Biden would have hit on the topics more had he not had so much interruption and so much clatter around him when he was trying to speak. I think he tried to make some good points and they got blinded by Donald Trump’s interruption,” Brown said.

While others say even with the disruptions and the back and forth between candidates, Biden was able to express where he stands on some of the most important issues.

“Joe Biden was a leader on the stage last night. He talked directly to the American People several times about issues important to them. From COVID to the economy, to the service, respect to the troops and people who served this country. Donald Trump did none of that,” Former U.S Attorney for North Dakota Tim Purdon said.

Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris will square off October 7th.

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