COVID-19 task force creates #ForAllofUs campaign to promote wearing masks

They hope that through this campaign they are able to reach everyone.

FARGO, N.D. – The Red River Valley COVID-19 task force unveils a new campaign promoting and encouraging North Dakotans to mask up.

The new mask campaign called #ForAllOfUs focuses on the individual and the collective reason on why wearing a mask is fundamental in protecting those in your community.

The task force also announced the #forallofus website.

People can find helpful and easy to understand information on the importance of wearing a mask, resources for those who can’t wear one as well as to address misinformation on masking.

“There’s nothing radical about the facts surrounding masks. Wearing a mask does not associate you with any political party. In the last six months I believe we have become very knowledgeable about what masks do, about who is most at risk and when we should wear them,” Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney said.

Another part of the campaign is a series of videos that were produced locally.

The task force teamed up with health officials, NDSU and UND student athletes, and Fargo Public School students encouraging people to mask up.

“We know it is crucial for everyone to wear a mask,” said Dr. Bruce Piatt, a Surgeon at Sanford Health.

“When you choose to wear a mask, you’re protecting all of us and can actually be saving someone’s life,” said Dr. Prasad Sawardeker, a Surgeon at Essentia Health.

Officials say the greatest lesson people have learned this year is the importance of our actions and how we can impact others.

“When we choose to mask up, we’re choosing to protect one another. Keeping in person instruction as safe as possible and providing students with the best education opportunities possible,” said Fargo Public School Superintendent Dr. Rupak Gandhi.

They hope that through this campaign they are able to reach everyone.

“They get that masking is less about them, and more about the people around them,” said NDSU President Dr. Dean Bresciani.

“The main activity that we can participate in are items of prevention,” said UND President Dr. Andrew Armacost.

City officials also encourage the community to get involved by buying windows clings they can put on their homes or businesses.

Here is the website.

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