Fargo, West Fargo public schools to ban fans from athletic events

The decision was made after Cass County moved to the high risk level on the COVID-19 Scale

FARGO, N.D. — Cass County’s move to the high risk level is reaching high school athletics.

“In our conference of 11, six of us are Cass County schools and our attendance levels reduced to 50, so we determined that with our game staff and the people just associated with running the game, that is about all the people we could have with our capacity,” said Fargo Public School activities director, Todd Olson.

Originally, Fargo and West Fargo school districts were allowing two fans per player to attend each game so family members and friends could still see their athletes in action.

It was a bit of normalcy parents could hold on to during this school year.

Now, not being able to attend games can be added to the list of disappointing decisions.

“It’s a bummer,” said Oliver Schmitt, a parent of high school freshman. “For the girls, having fans there to watch it and now to have that all taken away. It is a bummer.”

Other parents say they never miss a game.

“I have gone through three kids,” said Mandii Sturlaugson, a Horace High parent. “We have been to everyone of them.”

Fargo plans to stream its district’s sporting events on the school’s YouTube account and West Fargo plans to do the same whenever possible.

While the idea of having to watch children play from a screen rather than in-person is upsetting, ultimately, parents are just happy the seasons have not been cancelled.

“If I look at it from a kid’s perspective, I am just really blessed that our kids get to still play,” said Sturlaugson. “If that means our kids play and I am missing it, I don’t like it, but if I have to pick a lesser evil, I certainly want my kid to be able to play.”

Fargo Public Schools echoed that sentiment, saying their main focus in making this decision was to continue to allow kids to compete.

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