West Fargo Fire Department urges people to adopt a hydrant

winter maintenance of fire hydrants helps fire department save lives.

WEST FARGO, N.D. – With snow on the ground, it can make things a little more difficult for firefighters making fire hydrants inaccessible during an emergency.

“In the past we’ve actually had issues with getting to fires and hydrants not being dug out.” West Fargo Fire Inspector, John Neeb said.

The fire department is launching its second year of the “adopt a hydrant” program where people can help with the upkeep during winter months.

“Each snowstorm and throughout the winter all they got to do is keep it clear with a three foot circle around the hydrant, a path to the street and potentially a path to the sidewalk.”

If you are interested in adopting a hydrant this season, the department is making it easier for you to do so.

“So, you just have to go onto the West Fargo web page on their there’s actually a little link on the left that says adopt a hydrant all they have to do is go to whatever hydrant they want and they can click on the hydrant once they click on it ‘ll actually tell them if it’s already been adopted. If not all they have to do is name it.”

If you do choose to adopt a hydrant, the fire department encourages you to give it a name as there may be a couple of prizes.

“Throughout the winter season we’ll be drawing kind of the funniest names out there like i had mentioned earlier if you want to name it something funny, appropriate, but funny we’ll go through and we’ll select prize winners.”

The City of West Fargo has over two thousand hydrants in need of winter maintenance.

A handful of hydrants have already been adopted this season.

For more information on adopting a fire hydrant, click here.

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