Easy steps to winterizing your car can keep you safe

Taking care of these now will help you in the future

FARGO, N.D.- It’s important to be ready for winter driving, but it’s just as important to make sure your vehicle is up for the challenge.

“When it’s cold you can add some air to the tires to make the pressure go down, but make sure you have your tires aired up right. Then of course having good tread on your tires. Summer tires that have enough tread are good and their traction is good. But when it gets a little icy and snowy, they just don’t stick very well,” Fix it Forward Owner Matthew Carlson said.

Good tires won’t stop a car from sliding if the brakes aren’t in check. 

Be sure to listen for any squealing or grinding, it could be a sign it’s time for new brake pads.

“It’s really cold here, and you need a really strong battery and a really strong starter and a fuel system that’s ready to go. A battery analyzer is a quick test that most shops can do without any problem,” Carlson added.

If your battery had any problems starting this fall, it will more than likely continue this winter.

“Check all your fluids, and make sure they’re good. Make sure the windshield washer fluid in there is winter windshield washer fluid because the summer stuff will freeze,” Carlson said.

Engine oil thickens when it gets cold, making it harder for the engine to turn over. 

Check your owner’s manual to make sure your car has the right type of oil for this time of year.

Fix it Forward says you can’t fix winter, but you can fix your car before it’s too late.

Going into the shop for a quick inspection can save time and money in the winter months.


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