Sanford Health announces new partnership with Intermountain Health

The organizations are nearly doubling in size by merging

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Big changes are coming to Sanford Health as it merges with another major health organization.

Utah based Intermountain Health and Sanford Health will be coming together to share their best practices.

The merging will create a $15 billion health system.

Both will keep their names for now, but Intermountain will become the parent company

Together it has a combined 435 clinics, most in rural areas.

“It’s real important that people out there in those communities have the knowledge and comfort and intuition that their nurses and institutions that they are used to will stay there,” says Sanford’s CEO & president Kelby Krabbenhoft.

Both health systems employ nearly 89,000 people and operate 70 hospitals.

CEO and president of the combined companies will be Doctor Marc Harrison, the CEO and president of Intermountain Health.

The headquarters will follow Harrison to Salt Lake City, while the corporate offices will be in Sioux Falls.

The companies are expecting to complete their merge in mid-2021.

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