Elections officials on why some workers don’t wear masks at polls

The reason for some Poll Workers not wearing masks

FARGO, N.D -If you vote in person at the Fargo Civic Center, you may notice some poll workers aren’t wearing masks.

KVRR went to the arena to ask why some workers masked up and others did not.

We were told Poll workers and voters are not required to wear masks or other facial coverings.

When speaking to DeAnn Buckhouse of Fargo Cass County Courthouse, who is in charge of the polling and elections she told us this

“So, essentially if they don’t have a mask on they have their shield and their plexiglass on, they still have two layers of protection. Is it the best, no. But again, we were always told that we can’t make it mandatory for them to wear them.”

Fargo Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney issued a Mayoral Mask Mandate with a strong recommendation to wear a mask, but no penalty for non compliance. Meaning that it is up to the individual poll worker whether or not they wear a mask.

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