Brewery Aging Beer Underneath Lake of the Woods Ice

"Deep 6" Beer Will Be Aged Underwater For Six Months


Craft beer is getting more and more complex. You’ve got beer brewed with everything from candy bars to fruit to chocolate chip cookies.
And like fine wine, it’s increasingly popular to age craft brews.
Well, one brewery in our region is taking that concept to new depths.

The guys at Lake of the Woods Brewing are letting a Russian Imperial Stout chill literally 20 feet under the ice on Lake of the Woods through winter.
They’re calling the beer Deep 6.
In May, they plan to bring the beer back up to the surface and ship it out.
You can pre-order them now. They only brewed a thousand bottles of the stuff.
Lake of the Woods Brewing has locations in Warroad and on the Canadian side of the lake in Ontario. They’re shipping from Canada, so it’ll cost you.
The bottles already go for 50 bucks, and shipping to our area is almost 30 buck more.
But it would be a unique gift for the craft beer fan in your life.

Click here for more info and to pre-order a bottle.

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