Fargo mother asks for help finding quilt made of clothes from her late daughter

The quilt was inside her van that was stolen from her home on May 31st in Fargo.

FARGO, N.D. – Joanie Carey was in the process of moving homes in May.

An already stressful endeavor was made even more difficult when she woke up to discover her van was nowhere to be found.

“We just loaded up the van and we were just so exhausted so I parked it in the parking lot in the apartment and I went out the next morning to let out the dog and it was gone,” Carey said.

It wasn’t the van Joanie was particularly worried about losing, however.

Along with kitchen supplies and some clothes, there was one thing inside that couldn’t be replaced.

“I can’t even describe what it would mean to have it back,” Carey said.

A quilt made from the clothes of Joanie’s daughter, Ember, who passed away at 2-years old after complications from a heart transplant, was sitting on top of one of the seats.

A month later, the vehicle was found in Moorhead, but all of Joanie’s belongings, including the quilt, were gone.

Desperate to find the one-of-a-kind item, Joanie took to Facebook in a post that now has 1,000 shares.

“I don’t care if you are the person that took it. I don’t care if you are the person that just ended up getting it. At long as it is in good condition, I would love to have it back. ¬†Even if it is not, I will take it. I’ll repair it. I mean those are the clothes that she wore,” Carey said.

Joanie says she has been amazed at the response she has gotten. She hasn’t received any word on the quilt, but she says a number of other moms have reached out to her sharing similar stories about a child that had passed.

She is grateful that hers and Embers story can reach the hearts of others. She knows that may be the only good that comes out of her post, but she is hopeful that the quilt might also find its way back home.

“November is a tough time because it was on November 1st that she passed. Knowing that that is not there, you know just having something to kind of cuddle up with, it just helps,” Carey said.

Anyone with information on the quilt is asked to contact the police or message Joanie directly on Facebook.

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