Community church helps provide home cooked Thanksgiving meals for the neighborhood

"Meals are cost free and so were making 100 meals for 100 people to share today."

FARGO, N.D. — In the season of giving thanks, a local church is reminding members of the community that there’s plenty to be grateful for.

In partnership with the Prairie Roots community fund, the Neighborhood Church in Fargo is inviting people all over the metro for a warm, home cooked meal in the Madison neighborhood.

“We are hosting a “Let’s Give Thanks” neighborhood meal. With Covid happening, we decided kind of a safe way to do that would be that for meals instead of people eating here together which would be wonderful, we’re having the meals to go for people to pick up or to deliver to people’s homes,”The Neighborhood Church Pastor, Jessica Miller said.

The idea behind the meals is to bring people together in times of need so they may have access to healthy, fresh and local food.

“The Prairie Roots community fund is a local organization committed to helping address food security needs right here in our community and in our neighborhood and so we thought this is a good way to both share food with one another and a way to care for neighbors in the midst of all that is happening this year,” Miller said.

The meals provided will go out in support of local families and consist of a home style thanksgiving spread.

“Meals are cost free and so were making 100 meals for 100 people to share today. Everybody will get turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberries, dinner rolls, cooked carrots. We kind of have the whole thanksgiving feast menu that everybody will get bundled up to bring home,” Miller said.

Members from both organizations say they are glad to be providing food for these homes in need and plan on bringing more people together in the near future.

“Food is something that brings us all together I think, we talk about how are we being fed body mind and spirit and so to have a home cooked meal prepared with love and just wanting to share it with one another feels like a good way to give thanks for one another this season,” Miller said.


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