Home for good kits help support homeless community members transition into permanent housing

"When these individuals have the opportunity to transition again to permanent housing, they have a lot to be thankful for."

FARGO, N.D — A home for good initiative is helping support local families transitioning from homelessness into a stable household

The move from homeless to housing is made a little bit easier for 90 families in the metro with the help of Bremer Bank’s home for good initiative.

“In partnership with United Way we just dropped off 90 home for good kits. These 90 kits are going to help the homeless transitioning to permanent housing here in Fargo-Moorhead,”┬áBremer Bank Consumer banking manager, Andi Burkhart said.

What’s inside the kits? Everyday household essential items to help families with the moving in process and settle in a little better.

“Within these kits is a homemade fleece blanket made by each of the Bremer employees that had the opportunity to donate these blankets. In addition to the basic supplies such as; plates, silverware, a dish soap, just things to get you going in your first home which is exciting,” Burkhart said.

The reason behind the kits? There is more of a need in the community than people might think.

“Currently there’s over a thousand homeless individuals on any given night here and about 200 of those are kids. So Bremer is just so grateful to be a small part in helping these individuals transition to permanent housing,” Burkhart said.

“There was one client that I was working with, she was starting off with basically nothing she didn’t have any of those she didn’t have any of those kitchen items, those household goods, but she had housing now and she was super excited, she was so relieved to be able to provide housing for her kids and for herself,” SENDCAA Workforce development case manager, Ashley Littlewolf said.

Volunteers say it’s a great way for these families to kick off the thanksgiving holiday.

“Any little piece can make a difference and when these individuals have the opportunity to transition again to permanent housing, they have a lot to be thankful for and this is just a little piece that we can offer as they have probably one of the best Thanksgiving is a long time,” Burkhart said.

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