Addie’s Royal Cupcake Stand is doing princess parties for kids

Because of the pandemic, those appearances will be through Zoom.

FARGO-MOORHEAD – Addie’s Royal Cupcake stand has expanded to include princess parties.

Once a year, Addie’s Royal Cupcake Stand hosts its annual fundraiser to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation.

The event allows kids and families to meet their favorite Disney princesses.

For a while, Addie has wanted to do more.

“It’s a fantastic day each year, but the other days we have these beautiful costumes that are hanging up in our closet, and we really want to put them in good use,” says Addie’s mom Marisa Bengston Loerzel.

That’s when the idea of princess parties came about.

“In exchange for a donation to the Sunshine Foundation, people could have a princess show up to their party,” says Bengston Loerzel.

Because of the pandemic, those appearances will be through Zoom.

“But when the pandemic is over, we have princesses that are looking forward to actually coming to parties and meeting kids and celebrating their birthdays,” says Bengston Loerzel.

Addie also thought it would be a great idea to provide some cheer to kids that are in the hospital or who are homeless.

“She’d like to offer those parties for free to those kids,” says Bengston Loerzel.

Having spent a lot of time in the hospital, Addie knows firsthand the experience can feel sad and isolating.

“I’m really excited about that. When I was in the hospital, I really didn’t like that at all,” Addie, the  founder of Addie’s Royal Cupcake says.

“She’s hoping that the princess parties will bring some happiness and something to look forward to for those kids,” Bengston Loerzel adds.

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