Fargo South teacher selected as one of top 10 teachers in the world for Global Teacher Prize

Helps set up scholarship fund for local refugee and immigrant students through earnings

FARGO, ND– A Fargo high school teacher is one of the top 10 educators in the world.

Leah Juelke was a top ten finalist for the Global Teacher Prize. The $55,000 she won will go to refugee and immigrant students.

“So, my initiative is I really want them to have some type of individual scholarship that they can apply for if they want to be teachers and I want to help them do that by giving them a scholarship to go to college,” Juelke said.

Her emphasis for establishing a scholarship for English learner students in the community stems from her various experiences.

“I was working as an assistant in a summer school class of refugee and immigrant students and I had such a good experience with them that I think maybe that was the catalyst to really make me more interested in the population of E.L’s,” Juelke said.

As a teacher in North Dakota, Juelke says it’s important to help students from all backgrounds.

‘I think it’s important because we have different cultures coming into our community and into North Dakota that we diversify the teaching fields so that our teachers look like our students.”I am definitely a teacher who values diversity and a teacher who teaches without borders, meaning that I really want my students to get out in the community,” Juelke said.

Juelke hopes to do more with the funds for area students but first she needs a bit of help.

“I would love this to be part of; I could start a foundation and have other donors match scholarships and so on, but being an English teacher i don’t know much about all of that. I’d love to be able to give a student a full ride for four years every year, one student every year,” Juelke said.

Juelke says the funds received will go towards scholarship recipients throughout all three Fargo high schools.

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