Fargo pickup truck owner speaks up after falling victim to vehicle theft

"I cared a lot about that truck and I'm really sad to see it go," Josh Larson said

FARGO, N.D. — A Fargo woman is in custody after police say she stole a truck at a convenience gas station in Fargo Friday evening.

Truck owner Josh Larson said, “It was kind of my dream truck and I bought it maybe a year and a half ago and I was just ready to put it away for the winter. I was going to store it for the winter and it was my last weekend driving it.”

Larson fell victim to vehicle theft after leaving his truck parked at the Holiday gas station on 19th and 45th Street South.

“I’d just washed it,” he recalled. “I just went through the drive-thru car wash and then I parked it, I went inside, I got an energy drink and when I came out it was gone.”

Police arrested 21-year-old Tonisha Salazar in connection to the stolen vehicle. Court records show Salazar has over 20 prior convictions, including theft, unauthorized use of a vehicle and reckless endangerment all within the last three years.

“Considering all the felonies she committed she should be in prison for decades. That’s my biggest concern with this. I don’t want it to happen with someone else if they let her out of prison early or if she gets a slap on the wrist, there’s no excuse for that,” said Larson.

He believes after multiple arrests, Salazar should have faced tougher sentences.

“I don’t know who’s responsible for letting her out and giving her a slap on the wrist but I’m deeply disturbed by that. A person like that shouldn’t be out in society. Her wrap sheet is very long. I’d like to know why she was out, why she hasn’t received help or why she isn’t in prison.”

Larson says his truck is irreplaceable and will be pressing charges for the damages.

“It’s kind of irreplaceable. I know it’s just a vehicle but it’s not like a Camry where you can just go buy another one that’s identical to it. I cared a lot about that truck and I’m really sad to see it go,” he said.

Larson thanks the Fargo police department for doing their work and getting Salazar off the streets.

Salazar remains behind bars and was arrested for multiple counts of reckless endangerment, theft, possession and fleeing in a motor vehicle.

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