Struggling to stay afloat amid the pandemic, K-9 recreation center hosts dog diving fundraiser

FARGO, N.D. — A K-9 recreation center is hosting a winter fest dog diving event to help raise funds and keep its doors open.

Rocket Dogs K-9 Aquatics & Wellness Center opened its doors earlier this year, but due to unforeseen circumstances amid the pandemic, business quickly dwindled.

This K-9 event encouraged pet parents to a free will donation to join in on the fun, including a silent auction and dog diving competition.

The diving contests had many furry friends compete to see who could jump the farthest, highest and who could fetch the fastest.

“With this event we’re hopping to raise some money to get some of the bills caught up, get the rent paid and such. I know that it’s hard times all over the place, but I was really hoping that we could get some dogs in here to have some fun, get their pictures taken and have a really great day,” Rocket Dogs Owner Julie Saatoff said.

Those with the center say they hope to host more events in the future and to continue providing a wellness center for dogs in the area.

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