Fargo Public Works Dept. trains employees for late coming winter

"It's a big responsibility but I think I'm ready for it."

FARGO, N.D. — Unusually warm temperatures has given and opportunity to city workers to better prepare for the winter.

“You know, been able to do some equipment training for younger staff, so everybody is familiar with their routes that they’ll be assigned to to plow so we’re ready,” Fargo Public Works Supervisor, Lee Anderson said.

Lee Anderson says it’s been a nice break from the snow, but work never stops.

“We’ve had a chance to catch our breath a little bit and do some building maintenance and house maintenance that’s been put off for a long time. There’s always potholes that never go away. We’ve been able to repair some streets a little later into the season than we normally do so that was nice,” Anderson said.

Garret Bax, who is a public works employee, has been working for the department for five years, but this winter he’s preparing for the season in a different way.

“I’m making sure that all of our salt domes are filled up, mixing salt and all the new people are getting the proper training. This is a big responsibility, if you don’t control it on the road you can hurt someone. It’s a big responsibility but I think I’m ready for it,” Fargo Public Works Machine Operator, Garret Bax said.

Just because there hasn’t been much snowfall, Anderson says it will not change the way things are done.

“This winter will be no different than any other winter we’ll prepare, watch forecasts, we’ll treat roads when we need to and we’ll plow when we need to and we’ll do the snow hauling that we gave to after every event and the clean up but nothing will change that,” Anderson said.

With expected late snowfall, Anderson and his team ensure us they are prepared for what’s to come.

“There’s no stress to move snow, but when it does snow we’ll be ready to go,” Anderson said.

Anderson says his department will continue to catch up on projects and straighten things out, but is assuring drivers that they will be ready for when the snowfall hits and streets need plowing.

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