Teachers get pied as a reward for students who donated to Great Plains Food Bank

A group of Eight graders got to participate due to their contributions.

FARGO, N.D. – Students at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School have a sweet day with their teachers as a celebration of their work with charities.

Students donated more than three thousand dollars to Great Plains Food Bank in its “Coin War.”

Students would put coins in their team’s jar as positive points and bills in other teams’ jars as negative points.

Students with the most points were the winners

The school allowed the classroom that raised the most money to pie their teachers in the face.

The TomCat group is excited to cover eight teachers and one of their principals with a face full of sugar.

“I’m really happy to help because – everyone is just, kinda really in a bad place and some people have been laid off of work. So this was really fun and it makes you feel good, you know giving back to the community”

The Coin War donation activity was done as a response to not being able to Fill The Dome this year.


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