Last minute Christmas shoppers fill up West Acres to finish their gift lists

We talked to shoppers who are cutting it close this holiday season

FARGO, N.D.- It’s too late to put in those online Christmas orders, but it’s not too late to hop on over to the mall to finish up your lists.

Nothing can stop Christmas shoppers from coming out to West Acres to get their last minute gifts.

“Last minute gift cards for my sister and mom. Then I came over to Halberstadt’s to grab my grandpa a top coat and gloves as well,” Christmas shopper Hunter Thompson said.

“My brother. Literally anything he’ll wear out. He’s trying to develop like a new style, I guess. I’m trying to help him do that because he’s not a very good shopper,” shopper Taya Christenson said.

“I need some pots and pans because I actually burned my sister’s pans. She’s getting on me about that, so I figured I better get her something like that. I have to get the folks something, I’m not sure yet 100 percent. But I know that my gift ability of getting people things is clutch. I’m the best at it. I’m excited to see what I come up with,” Deshaun James said.

Some of them started shopping a little late.

“About 25 minutes ago. That’s when I got here,” Thomspon said.

“Pretty late, but we’ll be here all day,” Christenson said.

But these shoppers are committed to finishing their shopping lists.

“Yeah, I started today actually. I decided to do it late. But I don’t believe in pressure. Pressure fears me,” James said.

The winter weather didn’t even hold them back.

“Seemed like an appropriate day to go out and about. It’s nice because you can’t really do a lot of other things. So, I thought I should get my last minute shopping done. It’s definitely nice to get it taken care of, Thompson said.

“What it did is actually help me because I didn’t have to go to work today,” James said.

“We had to drive a little bit slower on our way here,” Christenson said.

They may be celebrating in different places.

All of these shoppers say they’re happy to be spending it with their families.

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