Three-year-old Fargo boy battling brain tumor undergoes chemotherapy

"There's still the possibility for it to continue to grow but they removed as much as they possibly could down to just a little bit left."

FARGO, N.D. — A young boy is showing signs of strength after spending the new year undergoing chemotherapy.

At just 3 years old, Teddy Danielson is full of energy, but just a few months back, his parents noticed something wasn’t quite right.

“It started at the beginning of October, he threw up a couple of times at daycare, and then the next week the same thing would happen and then he started to complain about having headaches and then the next day he was very tired and he just didn’t want to wake up,” Teddy’s mom Jessica Danielson said.

Once his mom and dad took Teddy to the hospital, they were given a diagnosis no parents would want to hear: their three-year-old son has cancer.

“We never thought it was us but it’s just not anything that even crossed our minds. It’s a PNET tumor, so the tumor was blocking the flow of fluid from his brain into his spinal cord,” said Jessica.

With the severity of the situation, Teddy’s parents had to act quick.

“Because Teddy’s tumor is grade four which means it’s very aggressive growing and if we don’t get that mass out of there it would have just continued to grow and grow and grow,” Teddy’s dad Ross Danielson said.

Shortly after the diagnosis, Teddy underwent surgery to remove the tumor, but as of a few days ago he returned to the hospital at Sanford Health for more treatments.

“They removed as much as they possibly could down to just a little bit left and that’s why we’re having chemo to try to take care of that remaining bit,” said Ross.

Within the past year, the Danielson family has seen an out pour of support from the community as they’ve faced this difficult situation.

“We’ve experienced a lot of scary heart achy moments because of Teddy’s situation but we’ve also experienced a lot of incredible generosity and we know the best of our community because of it,” said Ross.

For the new year the Danielson family say they have one main goal. Be strong… brave and strong,” Jessica said.

Teddy will undergo stem cell harvesting in the following week.

For more information on Teddy’s journey click here.

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