Fargo radio host in Washington describes chaos at U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON – A Fargo radio host who is in Washington, D.C. to cover the “Stop the Steal” protest.

Kevin Flynn of AM 1100 The Flag recounts what he saw to KVRR’s Jim Monk.

“Were there people talking about storming the Capitol or anything like that?” Monk asked.

“Oh yeah. Yep, that was the plan. They were going to have the rally, there were guys with bullhorns saying ‘Reminder we’re marching to the Capitol after the president’s speech'” Yeah that was the plan, but it was never the plan I don’t think for anybody to break in or do the damage that they did. Again, I didn’t get that sense from, and I talked to at least 30 people maybe 50 by the time we were done. We interviewed 20 or so for our radio show and I didn’t get that sense from anybody that that was the plan to go and storm the Capitol, break in and occupy the house. That was not at all the vibe or intention of anybody I talked to,” Flynn said.

“So, tell me, what it’s like in the city right now? You’re under a curfew. Do you dare leave the hotel?” Monk asked.

“If I could get an Uber, I’d be back down there. To be honest with you, I’d go back down there. Again, everybody I was with today were great. They were patriots. They were at the end of their rope. They were frustrated, but didn’t change the fact they were God-fearing red white and blue Americans who are tired of politicians,” Flynn said.

“Did you see the images and the video of the people on the house floor pointing guns at each other for awhile there? They were some pretty surreal images,” Monk said.

“Yeah, it is surreal, It’s unbelievable. But, again, you know, the people I was with today they were not — and I’m talking anybody I saw I wouldn’t guess that would be their intention. I mean, anybody that saw that realizes that’s disgusting. It’s ridiculous. It’s not what we’re about it’s not what we wanted. That’s why again I’m more solidified in my opinion that that was not the people I was among at that rally today,” Flynn said.

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