Sen. Kevin Cramer recalls scene as Capitol was under siege

WASHINGTON — North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer recalls his experience as the U.S. Capitol was under siege.

Vice President Mike Pence was first hurried out of the Senate chamber followed by Cramer and other senators who were escorted to a safe room.

Cramer says he was astonished at the lack of action taken by Capitol police.

Although some have accused President Trump of inciting the attack, Cramer says what happened is the fault of those who acted out the violence themselves.

He says many of them likely did not understand the severity of the symbolism of what they were doing.

“It’s the same sort of problem with their lack of understanding that the Constitution of the United States is a higher principle than one person,” he adds. “And, it’s the Constitution of the United States that drove my decision and John Hoeven’s decision and Kelly Armstrong’s decision to not object to another state’s electors. Another state’s certified electors.”

Cramer says Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are overplaying their hand by suggesting the 25th Amendment.

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