Social Distancing: Frosted Tips

Freezing Fog Makes For Transcendent Natural Beauty


Walkin’ in a winter wonderland. It’s been beautiful around here the last few days, perfect for socially distanced adventures.

I took a walk at Gooseberry Park on Friday, and the frozen fog made it feel like I walked into a fantasy world. The trees were white, covered with little frosted tips. Way better than frosted tips on hair.

It’s fascinating to get up close to them. The little ice spears look like they’re growing on the tree. I asked Marshall and he says we probably won’t have any fog this week to re-create these beauties of nature, but keep an eye out during the rest of winter. They’re a sight to see, especially up close.

But if you’re still looking for outdoor fun in the winter, cross on over to Lindenwood Park and you can find groomed snow trails. You can ski, snowshoe or just walk along. And with weather like we’re expecting this week, there’s no better time.

Staying active can help you stay sane. Let me know how you’re staying active and staying safe this winter. Find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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