Lawmakers discuss 80 mph speed limit for North Dakota interstate highways


BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR/KCND) – A West Fargo lawmaker believes some parts of the two Interstate highways serving North Dakota should have an 80 mph speed limit.

Republican Rep. Ben Koppelman says in states with an 80 mph limit, the number of fatalities have actually dropped at a higher rate than North Dakota’s.

Koppelman says his bill takes into account road design. He says there would be some money in the bill for added barricades between lanes, and a re-design of some of the curves and inclines.

Koppelman says according to the State Transportation Dept., a “large chunk” of I-29 could be safely converted to 80 mph immediately, while about 20-25% of I-94 is suitable for 80 mph.  A larger portion could be included with extra safety measures.

The bill does not include changes for other four-lane highways, such as U.S. Highway 2 or U.S. Highway 83.

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