ND Legislature looking into raising interstate speed limit to 80 MPH

A Republican House Representative proposes a speed limit bill

BISMARCK, N.D. – North Dakota lawmakers are thinking about the possibility of an 80 mile per hour speed limit.

Republican State Rep. Ben Koppelman of West Fargo believes some parts of the two interstate highways serving North Dakota should go from 75 to 80. Koppelman says in states with that limit, the number of fatalities have actually dropped at a higher rate than North Dakota’s.

Some truck drivers say that an increase in speed limits doesn’t dictate the speed in which they believe it’s safe to haul. Other drivers they say that an increase in speed will make getting to locations on time easier.

“With this one then we won’t have… We wouldn’t be worried about the jam on the highway, because the one that has the 75 limit per hour will go through faster and the one at 65 eventually will come,” Trans State Truck Driver Santino Ashen said.

Some drivers do have concerns about the transition from high speeds to lower speeds intown and wary of potential accidents. The bill is currently not in affect.


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