Sen. Cramer reacts to idea of Biden possibly pardoning President Trump

WASHINGTON – Should President-Elect Biden consider pardoning President Trump in the interest of the nation?

Senator Kevin Cramer was asked if that would be a good idea.

“Wow. I hadn’t thought about that. Here’s what I do think. I think Joe Biden has a wonderful opportunity to play the pastoral role really. Nobody has that opportunity like the President of the United States, and whether it be in the form of a pardon or something more likely less blunt than that he certainly can call the dogs off of his own party and say this is a time for healing.”

Cramer says pardoning Trump would be a “magnanimous move” on Biden’s behalf and says he would applaud Biden if that happens. Cramer says even though Trump’s speech on the day his supporters stormed the capitol was offensive, it doesn’t meet the threshold for impeachment.

“I think it was careless. I think it was reckless. I think it was mostly inappropriate, particularly the way that he threw Mike Pence under the bus. Told the crowd, implied at least that Mike Pence had it in his power to reject the presidential electors. There’s no way the Vice President has that power, but that’s a far cry away from standard that he incited the mob to do what the mob did.”

Cramer says it appears that the chances of the Senate following through with an impeachment trial are slim.

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