Governor Walz discusses security measures ahead of Biden’s inauguration

According to Walz, the FBI put out a bulletin calling attention to threats to the 50 capitals.

MINNESOTA – Governor Tim Walz discusses threats to the Minnesota State Capitol ahead of Inauguration Day.

“Shame on this country if we try and normalize what’s happening here. Shame if we don’t hold those that made this situation accountable,” Governor Walz said.

Following the riots that took place at the U.S Capitol and the possible threats to other cities, Governor Walz wanted to update Minnesotans on the security measures they will be taking.

“We take the threats to our citizens incredibly seriously,” Walz said.

According to Walz, the FBI put out a bulletin calling attention to threats to the 50 capitals.

“But highlighted Minnesota and Michigan. I don’t think it was by chance it was those two,” Walz said.

However, The Commissioner for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety John Harrington says there are still no credible local immediate threats to the state of Minnesota.

“That does not mean that there wasn’t a threat back in December when that information was developed. We are churning over every rock, and looking under every bush to see if there was anything else out there, but I can tell you that the FBI is not finding any local threat,” Harrington said.

Either way, Harrington says they are confident and prepared if things turn for the worse.

“We have a plan that involves State Patrol, DNR, St. Paul Police, Ramsey County and literally as many agencies as we could bring together,” Harrington said.

He adds that he’s all for people practicing their right to the first amendment.

“But we also take our responsibility and our commitment to protect life, to protect liberty and to keep the peace,” Harrington said.

Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan also called for conversations about whether long guns should be allowed on capitol grounds.

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