Ninja warriors compete in Four Star Ninja Academy obstacle competition

"It's really a way to get people in the door to experience what a ninja competition would feel like."

FARGO, N.D. — A warrior-style training facility is giving athletes of all ages the chance to compete in a one-of-a-kind obstacle course.

The Four Star Ninja Academy gives young athletes the chance to showcase their skills on balance, agility and endurance all while promoting a healthier lifestyle.

“We really wanted to inspire kids’ fitness because the one thing we didn’t have that we think is going to benefit a lot of these kids is a place where they can run around and get exercise and get that work out in but not realize,” Four Star Ninja Academy¬† Co-owner, Dustin Hjelmstad said.

During the competition, athletes will get to participate in a variety of tasks.

“It’s really a way to get people in the door to experience what a ninja competition would feel like so we break things down. We do timed runs on agility, times runs on balance and then we do a full course that incorporates upper body obstacles as well,” Hjelmstad said.

While the training facility is filled with obstacles, the idea behind the event is to get kids to overcome everyday hurdles.

“This is exactly why we’re doing this. is to help these kids believe in themselves to overcome these obstacles in life to make them confident in themselves and eventually then maybe they want to continue in the sport and it’s something you can continue as old as you want to be.” Hjelmstad said.

The ninja academy encourages people of all ages to attend the training courses as they say it helps the body strengthen and grow.

“We have classes that go all the way up to adults and we train them on working on building that strength, teaching them body movements on obstacles, giving them that balance and agility,” Hjelmstad said.

With concerns regarding the pandemic, some athletes may be hesitant to attend, but Hjelmstad reassures guests, they are taking the necessary protocols to abide by COVID-19 guidelines.

“We limit each session to 20 participants, we want to make sure everybody is comfortable, we ask everybody to wear masks during all their sessions and then we’re regularly cleaning the facility with a disinfectant to make sure that everything is clean and safe for everybody,” Hjelmstad said.

The ninja warriors who received the fastest times and highest scores were able to take home a few prizes.

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