People Express Concerns over Governor Burgum’s Reduced COVID-19 Restrictions

"I don't think we're there as in terms of not wearing masks yet."


FARGO, N.D.  — After North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum announced reduced restrictions for businesses and the halt of the statewide mask mandate, some people in the community are unsure whether or not we are ready to move forward.

“The statewide mask mandate to expire at 8 am January 18th,”

Gov. Doug Burgum said.

As COVID-19 cases are reduced with implemented precautionary guidelines, Governor Burgum says we are ready to move forward with reduced restrictions, but people in the community say we might not be ready.

“I don’t think we’re ready to have no masks yet, if we look at other countries and how they went about with covid, they all wore masks and they stayed inside for a long period of time because they quarantined for so long and because of how much they wear masks and we’re not, we still have lots and lots of cases so I don’t think we’re there as in terms of not wearing masks ,” Ameliah Greenley from Fargo said.

With the new reduced restrictions parents are concerned for their kids as they are set to begin in person classes.

“Before the mask mandate was in place, we were concerned about the school system and not requiring masks so we did keep our youngest daughter home. Everybody has to weigh the pros and the cons, every child has different issues so with my daughter she’s doing fine online, but other children might need that social piece,” Stephanie LaRocque from Rugby, North Dakota sad.

Other parents agree with reduced restrictions and post online “it’s time to get back to normal.”

While some students might not be able to continue virtual learning, Fargo Schools superintendent says there will still be restrictions.

“We’re going to try to make sure that students are with the same groups of kids and they’re not mixing with different students every other day because that could increase transmittable moments so those are some of the changes that you see,”Fargo Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Rupak Gandhi said.

Even with eased restrictions, the mask mandate reassured parents of their kids’ safety.

“There’s probably going to be COVID outbreaks within the school which affects me and my fiancé where we have to stay home and miss work now because there’s no masks and there is going to be more COVID outbreaks,” Greenley  said.

While the reduced restrictions are set to take effect for the state of North Dakota Monday morning, Grand Forks and Fargo will extend mask mandates for another month.

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